Day 3: Strange Plays, Here We Come

By all accounts, Day 3 of BritGrad started with an incredible panel by Alex Whiteley and Rebecca Fensome, taking the comparative study of Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Despicable Me 1 and 2 to unparalleled heights of academic excellence. I wouldn’t know first-hand, because unfortunately despite the best of intentions I didn’t wake up until 9:05. The mention of these two papers … Continue reading

Plenary #9 & #10: Ending with a Roar

With just a week left until the initial meet-and-greet, we’re delighted to announce the final pair of speakers for BritGrad 2014. On Saturday June 7th, 10:45-11:45, we will be welcoming Anna Marsland and David Rintoul to discuss The RSC’s Roaring Girls season, in a question-and-answer session chaired by Hannah Hickman and Charlotte Horobin. Hopefully you already have a number of burning … Continue reading

Plenary #8: My Kingdom for a BritGrad ticket!

Delegates to BritGrad 2014 are welcome to make use of the Institute’s parking facilities, but since the discovery two years ago of the body of King Richard III under a Leicester car-park, I’m personally hesitant about leaving my car anywhere in case a controversial historical personage reimagined by Shakespeare is waiting underneath my wheels. Are … Continue reading

Plenary #6 & #7: DOUBLE BILL!

The plenaries I’m announcing today are two men who give collaboration a good name, and are occasionally asked to discuss it in the Brazilian national press. They will be giving a collaborative talk about Shakespeare’s collaborative plays, and you’d be singularly foolish to miss it.   Sharp by name as well as by nature, Dr … Continue reading

Plenary #4: Professor Tony Howard

Today on the blog it’s my honour to hand over to Charles Morton to introduce our fourth plenary speaker. BritGrad’s illustrious co-chair describes his former tutor, besides his remarkable academic achievements, as ‘one of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet’. Professor Tony Howard has been at the forefront of much groundbreaking work on Shakespeare. … Continue reading

Two more plenary speakers, or, ‘What should we call these speaking things?’

To discover the identity of the first of the two plenary speakers we’re announcing today, we invite you to turn to your copy of Venus and Adonis, lines 383-6 (Oxford edition). He also features in Henry VI Part II, grazing in Cheapside, and as part of a duo in Titus Andronicus, haling a ‘vengeful wagon’. Whether or not he will … Continue reading

And the first plenary speaker of 2014 is…

As 2013 draws to a close, with a turkey in the freezer and mince pies in the oven, you may well feel that your appetite can’t take any more whetting – but we’re hoping to dispel that feeling by announcing the first plenary speaker of BritGrad 2014. If you have a hunger for linguistics, Shakespearean … Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #6

ASIA logo

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #6: Dr Yong Li Lan, Dr Ken Takiguchi, and Dr Lee Chee Keng We are pleased to announce that our sixth, and final, plenary is going to Skype in from Singapore to talk about intercultural Shakespeare. The plenary group consists of Dr Yong Li Lan, Dr Ken Takiguchi, and … Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #5

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #5: Christie Carson We are delighted to announce another plenary speaker: Christie Carson! She will join us to deliver a plenary titled ‘Influencing Editors, Influencing Performers: the Page to Stage relationship’. Dr Carson is Reader in Shakespeare and Performance at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has co-edited The … Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #4


Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #4: Jonathan Dollimore This just in: we’re happy to announce that Professor Jonathan Dollimore will be leading a plenary session at BritGrad! All of us on the BritGrad committee are delighted to welcome him to the Institute this June, where he will deliver a talk tentatively titled ‘On Human … Continue reading

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