CFPs: SI Review; ESRA summer conference; Bangor/BSA conference


Shakespeare Institute Review, Issue 2: ‘Shakespeare and the superhuman’

The journal’s second issue has pushed back the submission deadline to 31 October 2012. Head on over to the website here, to see how high the bar was set in the first issue, and to answer any style questions you may have. Full CFP can be found here.


2. SUMMER CONFERENCE – 26-29 June 2013

European Shakespeare Research Association: ‘Shakespeare and Myth’

The conference convenes in Montpellier, France. For more general information check the website.

[From the site:]

List of Seminars (download pdf for details):

  1. Early Modern Nature: Shakespeare, Science and Myth
  2. The Early Modern Reception of Shakespeare in Print and Manuscript: The Rise of Shakespearean Cultural Capital?
  3. Local and Global Myths in Shakespearean Performance
  4. Myth in Relation to Truth, fable, history, legend, folklore
  5. Myth, Romance and Historiography
  6. Mythical Performance and its Afterlife
  7. Mythologies of Childhood
  8. Protean Shakespeare: Adapting, Tradapting, Performing Early Modern Plays
  9. Shakespeare and Classical Mythology: European Perspectives
  10. Shakespeare, Myth and Asia
  11. Shakespeare and the Myth of the Feminine
  12. The Shakespeare Myth Reloaded: Demythologizing and Re-mythologizing Shakespeare Today
  13. Staging the Shakespeare Myths, 2000-2012
  14. Translating Myths and Mythologizing Translations

Please submit an abstract (200-300 words) and a brief bio (150 words) by 1 October 2012 to the convenors of the seminar you choose.

All participants will be notified about the acceptance of their proposals by 1 November 2012.


3. ONE-DAY CONFERENCE – 8 December 2012

Bangor University and the BSA: ‘On Page and Stage: Shakespeare, 1590-1890’

(The Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies – Bangor-Aberystwyth, the British Shakespeare Association and the School of English, Bangor University)

Abstracts due: 12 October 2012

University Conference Organisers: Stephen Colclough & Andrew Hiscock

Guest Speaker: Professor Andrew Gurr (Reading University)
Shakespeare editor and author of ‘Playgoing in Shakespeare’s London’

This one-day conference focuses upon performances, interpretations and publications of Shakespeare in the pre-modern period in the UK and beyond. It is envisaged that delegates will be addressing this subject from a number of disciplinary perspectives and presentations on the following subjects would be particularly welcome:

Shakespearean Performances 1590-1890s and Performance Reportage

Shakespearean Theatre History 1590-1890

World Shakespeares 1590-1890

Critical Responses to Shakespeare 1590-1890: e.g. journalism, diaries, correspondence

Reading Shakespeare 1590-1890: e.g. criticism, education, annotated editions

Material Shakespeare 1590-1890: mise-en-scène and mise-en-page

Shakespeare as Political Icon 1590-1890

These and other related subjects will be considered for presentation at this conference. Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be sent to the conference organising committee at no later than Friday 12th October 2012. All abstracts should include the proposer’s name, title, mailing address, email address, institutional affiliation, student/employed status.


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