Early English Drama Asst. Prof @ U Toronto

Have you seen this post already? It’s up at jobs.ac.uk here.

Here’s a very brief recap and then a bit more information from Dr Holger Schott Syme, Chair, Department of English and Drama, University of Toronto Mississauga.


Title: Assistant Professor (Tenure Stream) of Early English Drama

Load: 2/2

Campus: St. George (downtown)

Apply by: 31 October [via the above link to the jobs.ac.uk post]


From Dr. Syme:

‘A word of explanation about the rather unusual structure of the University of Toronto: both these positions will be at U of T’s Mississauga campus — a suburban location a brief commute from the city of Toronto and connected to the downtown campus by a shuttle that runs every half hour during term time. Successful candidates will be full members of the tri-campus graduate unit, physically housed on the St George (downtown) campus, where they will supervise PhD students, and teach graduate seminars (normally at least every 2 out of 3 years). There are three undergraduate English programs: one at UTM, one at St George, and one at Scarborough (the other suburban location). Faculty of all three campuses are fully integrated into the graduate program, have equal access to its facilities and resources, and share equally in the administration of the program (the current Associate Director, PhD, for instance, is a UTM faculty member). In other words, the relationship between the three campuses is not comparable to US universities with flagship and satellite campuses. UTM has massively benefitted from the explosive growth of our undergraduate population; in the past few years, three large new award-winning buildings with classrooms and offices as well as a new library opened their doors, and another building is currently under construction. I’d be very happy to explain the situation in yet more detail; please don’t hesitate to ask.’


[editor’s note: Instead of posting Dr. Syme’s email address here for all the world to see, we ask you to email us at britgrad@yahoo.com if you’d like follow-up info and we’ll get you in touch.]


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