Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #1

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #1: Mairi Macdonald

As you may know, we have already confirmed a few plenary speakers for this year’s conference (see the CFP for more details!). We figured that the more curious and excitable of you out there are probably dying to know more about them. We can’t blame you. So, as the information comes to us, in a series of blog posts we’re going to introduce our speakers and what they may be speaking about in June – and we’re going to begin with Mairi Macdonald, who’ll be conducting a palaeography workshop at this year’s conference.

Mairi is the former Head of Local Collections at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon. A graduate of the University of St. Andrews and University College London, she has lectured and published on local and social history in the medieval and early modern periods. She has contributed to the new Dictionary of National Biography and the new Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, as well as completing an edition of The Register of the Guild of the Holy Cross, published by the Dugdale Society in 2007. Mairi also teaches local history and palaeography at the Birthplace Trust (and has taught many a Shakespeare Institute student in her time), and she is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland as well as being General Editor of the British Records Collection series Archives and the User. We’re delighted that she’ll be joining us at BritGrad this year, and we’re looking forward to her interactive palaeography workshop, in which she will share her expertise.

Coming soon: Martin Wiggins and Catherine Richardson… 


[If you want a sneak peek of Mairi’s expertise on this chilly, grey Monday, check out this video from the SBT and the University of Warwick, featuring Ms Macdonald and Prof Carol Rutter – Searching for Shakespeare: The Documents at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.]


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