Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #3

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #3: Jonathan Slinger

We hope you are all as excited as we are to hear that Jonathan Slinger is one of our plenary speakers for BritGrad 2013.

Slinger graduated from RADA in 1994 and since then has made a big name for himself on TV, radio, and the stage. His first RSC role was Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Gregory Doran. Other notable RSC performances include the eponymous characters of Richard II and Richard III in Michael Boyd’s Histories Cycles, and, of course, Macbeth.

More recently, Slinger played a major role in the RSC’s ‘Shipwreck Trilogy’ as part of the World Shakespeare Festival, where he played Prospero in The Tempest, Doctor Pinch in The Comedy of Errors, and Malvolio in Twelfth Night. He is also an associate artist of the RSC, and currently appears as Hamlet in David Farr’s production, which we will be seeing on the Thursday of this year’s conference.  

How kind of the Guardian to offer an amuse-bouche of Slinger’s take on playing Hamlet! Check it out.


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