Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #5

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #5: Christie Carson

We are delighted to announce another plenary speaker: Christie Carson! She will join us to deliver a plenary titled ‘Influencing Editors, Influencing Performers: the Page to Stage relationship’.

Dr Carson is Reader in Shakespeare and Performance at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has co-edited The Cambridge King Lear CD-ROM: Text and Performance Archive (2000) with Jacky Bratton, as well as overseeing the AHRC-funded Designing Shakespeare: an audio visual database, 1960-2000, documenting Shakespearean performance history in London and Stratford; The Visual Gallery Project; and the Digital Resources for Teaching and Learning Project, created while with the English Subject Centre at Royal Holloway, where she has also been a CETL (Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) Liaison Officer. As well as her work in digital humanities, she has co-edited Shakespeare in Stages: New Theatre Histories (2010) with Christine Dymkowski and Shakespeare’s Globe: A Theatrical Experiment (2008) with Farah Karim-Cooper. Before joining the English department at Royal Holloway, she taught in the Department of Drama and Theatre, and was the Director of the Centre of Multimedia Performance History, a research centre within that department. She has also taught at McMaster University, Herstmonceux Castle, and the University of Glamorgan.


[P.S. Thanks to all of you who have registered to present at BritGrad this year. All of us on the committee are excited to hear about your research this summer, and look forward to meeting you/seeing you again in June!]


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