Smile, You’ll Be On Camera

Jenna Owen
Jenna Owen

BritGrad 2013 now has a resident shutterbug! We’re delighted to announce that Jenna Owen will be our official photographer at this year’s conference. Jenna is currently completing her MA in Shakespeare and Theatre here at the Institute, and will also be delivering a paper at the conference: ‘“Do you stand for me”: re-evaluating the ‘play within a play’ scene in 1 Henry IV’ – however, we highly doubt that she can take pictures of herself whilst delivering a paper at the same time. Any gorgeous photos of you basking in the Institute gardens during lunch, blame Jenna. Any unflattering (but really quite hilarious) photos of you delivering your paper because you’re entertaining the crowd with a dramatic reading of Cymbeline, credit Jenna. We’re thankful to her for volunteering for the post, and we look forward to her fantastic pictures!

[Want a little taster? Or do you just want to relive the good times? Have a look at last year’s photographs taken by Jon Harvey.]


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