Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #6

Getting to Know Your Plenary Speakers #6: Dr Yong Li Lan, Dr Ken Takiguchi, and Dr Lee Chee Keng

We are pleased to announce that our sixth, and final, plenary is going to Skype in from Singapore to talk about intercultural Shakespeare. The plenary group consists of Dr Yong Li Lan, Dr Ken Takiguchi, and Dr Lee Chee Keng, whose research is based on the Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Archive website.

Dr Yong Li Lan is Associate Professor in the Department of English language and Literature, National University of Singapore. She has published essays on Shakespeare and intercultural performativity in theatre, film and the internet, and co-edited a collection of essays with Dennis Kennedy, Shakespeare in Asia: Contemporary Performance.

Dr Ken Takiguchi, Translation Editor of Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Archive (A|S|I|A), holds a PhD in Japanese Studies from National University of Singapore. Previously Assistant Director of the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur, He has been working closely with theatre communities of Malaysia and Singapore as a producer, translator and dramaturg. His upcoming publications include “Translating Canons: Shakespeare on the Noh stage,” Shakespeare: Special Issue – Shakespeare and Japan (2013) and “Bridging Japanese Cultural Exchange Endeavors: Re-evaluating Asian Traditional Performing Arts (ATPA) Progam,” in Ricardo Jose, Yoshimura Mako and Teow See Heng (eds.), Japan and Southeast Asia: Continuity and Change in Modern Times (Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2013). He was a research fellow of The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University (Japan).

Dr Lee Chee Keng is a theatre director and playwright in Chinese and English. He has worked as a translator and interpreter since his BA and MA degrees in Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore and PhD in Directing at the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing, and enjoys translation as a process of uncovering the nuances of source and target languages.

For more information please visit the A | S | I | A website.


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