Plenary Profiles: Andy Kesson

Meet Dr Andy Kesson, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Roehampton and a former BritGrad chair!

Dr Kesson received his MA from Manchester and his PhD from Kent. He has organized conferences and collaborative workshops about language, acting, and the definition of ‘early modern’. He reviews theatre and literature for journals such as The Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies, Early Theatre, The Journal of British Studies, and Cahiers Élisabéthains.

Kesson’s piece ‘”They that treat in a maze”: movement as emotion in the work of John Lyly’ will be published in The Renaissance of Emotion (Manchester, June 2015), an essay collection edited by Richard Meek and BritGrad plenary Erin Sullivan. Kesson wrote the book John Lyly and Early Modern Authorship (Manchester, 2014) and co-edited The Elizabethan Top Ten: Defining Print Popularity in Early Modern England (Ashgate, 2013), which examines early modern ‘bestsellers’.

Check out an interview with Kesson for Shakespeare London Theatres about Elizabethan writer John Lyly, the Earl of Oxford, elite boy companies, and more:

Kesson’s research interests include book history, the literary canon, and educational practices, as well as gender, queer, and disability studies.


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