Plenary Speaker Announcement: Dr. Jem Bloomfield

Another week closer to BritGrad means we have another plenary speaker to introduce! We’re excited to add to the list Dr Jem Bloomfield of the University of Nottingham.


Jem Bloomfield studied at the universities of Oxford and Exeter, writing his doctorate on the reception of The Duchess of Malfi from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.  During this work he became particularly interested in the ways in which cultural authority is exerted and contested through the performance of particular texts. He is Assistant Professor of Literature at the University of Nottingham, and recent publications include a chapter on the critical history of The White Devil in the Arden Critical Reader, and an article on the Eucharist in The Hunger Games for the journal Theology.

Last year he published Words of Power: Reading Shakespeare and the Bible, which explores the ways in which these two collections are read as “sacred texts”.  The book examines the canonisation, interpretation, performance and institutionalisation of the cultural icons we refer to as “Shakespeare and the Bible”, emphasizing how they are read into existence via these processes. His blog, Quite Irregular, covers religion, gender and the arts, and has been cited by a range of academic and media outlets, from the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association and the Church Times, to Times Higher Education and Glamour magazine.

Jem has also previously delivered a paper at the Institute’s Thursday Seminar and the BritGrad committee are delighted to be welcoming him back.


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