Past Committees


Chair – Elizabeth Jeffery and Karen Harker
Secretary – Corinne Furness
Registrars – Martin Higgins and Philippa Vandome
Treasurer – Kelsey Ridge
Publicity – Beth Sharrock
IT/Tech – Jennifer Waghorn
Party Planner – Andrea Moon
Catering – Andrea Moon


Chair – Ella Hawkins
Secretary – Anna Hegland
Registrars – Helen Clifford and Katie Knowles
Treasurer – Kelsey Ridge
Publicity – Elaine Goodfellow
IT/Tech – Jennifer Waghorn
Party Planners – Megg Ward and Mary (Lexie) Way
Catering – Rebecca Fredrickson


Chair – Richard O’Brien
Co-secretaries – Rosie Fielding and Elizabeth Jeffery
Registrar – Eilis Smyth
Treasurer – Charlotte Clark
Web Editor – Noelle Matteson
Publicity – Kelsey Ridge and Marius Klimowicz
IT/Tech – Brittany LaPole
Party Planners – Bec Martin and Karen Harker
Catering – Susan Smith


Co-chairs – Ani Martirosyan and Charles Morton
Secretary – Hannah Hickman
Treasurer – Emma de Beus
Registrars – Kate Grace, Sara-Marie Westh, and Hester Bradley


Chair – Cathleen McKague
Secretary – Thea Buckley
Treasurer – Eleine Ng
Registrar – Kate Mueller


Chairs – Kerry Gilbert and Eoin Price (also here)
Secretary – C K Ash
Treasurer – Cathleen McKague
Registrar – Yolana Wassersug


Chair – Daisy Garofalo
Secretary – José A. Peréz Diez
Treasurer – Letty Garcia
Registrar – Kerry Gilbert
Publicity – Eoin Price


Chairs – Emily Oliver (also here) and Matt Kubus
Secretary – Yolana Wassersug
Treasurer – Eoin Price
Registrar – Kerry Gilbert


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