Past Programme

BritGrad 2011 convened May 26-28

Thursday 26 May 2011
The Hall

8.00 – 9.10 – Registration. Tea/Coffee (Conservatory)

9.15 – 9.40 – Welcome.

9.45 – 10.45 – Plenary: RSC Panel   [Chair: José A. Pérez Díez]

10.50 – 12.05 – Early Modern Fluids  [Chair: Daisy Garofalo]

Emma Poltrack (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“Let Us Call Thee Devil”: The Transformative Power of Alcohol as a Form of Secular Witchcraft in Othello’

Amy Kenny (University of Sussex) ‘“Blood, blood, blood”: An Early Modern Medical Understanding of Othello’s Fixation’

Helen Osborne (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“Chief actor’s to Arden’s overthrow”: Poision, Paint and Play in Arden of Faversham’

12.10 – 12.55 – Lunch13.00 – 14.00 – Shakespeare on Stage  [Chair: Emily Oliver]
Sarah McCourt (University of Exeter) ‘Beyond Scripted Adaptation’
Thea Buckley (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Who Was That Masked Man?: Barton’s Metatheatrical Hamlet’

14.05 – 15.05 Plenary: Martin Wiggins (The Shakespeare Institute) and Catherine Richardson (The University of Kent):’ British Drama, 1533-1642’   [Chair: José A.Pérez Díez]

15.10 – 15.25 – Tea/Coffee (Conservatory)

15.30 – 16.45 – Writing and Revenge  [Chair: Kerry Gilbert]

Miranda Fay Thomas (University of York) ‘Heavy Sentences: Revenge and Writing’

Anne Sophie Refskou (University of Aarhus) ‘Hamlet’s Hands and Hamlet’s Words

William Weber (Yale University) ‘The Source on Stage: Shakespeare’s Meta-Allusive Titus Andronicus

16.50 – 17.50 – Continental European Influences on English Renaissance Drama  [Chair: Eoin Price]

José A.Pérez Díez (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“Black Knight Gondomar”: The Fortunes of the Spanish Diplomat on the English Stage’

Carlo Lorini (The University of Venice) ‘Which is the real Venice and which is the perceived one? The perception of Venice in England through Shakespeare and Jonson’

19:15:  RSC The Merchant of Venice, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Thursday 26 May 2011
The Lounge

10.50 – 12.05 – Processes of History  [Chair: John Curtis]

Alun Thomas (Cardiff University) ‘The Audience as Historian in Henry IV’

Lee Joseph Rooney (University of Liverpool) ‘“Secret Powers” and “Divining Thoughts”: Prophecy and Legitimacy in 3 Henry VI and Richard III

Jason Burg (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘From Rebellion to Royalism: Tate’s Adaptation of Richard II

13.00 – 14.00 – Early Modern Ballads  [Chair: Daisy Garofalo]

Paul Faber (University of Leeds) ‘Playing in Songspace’

Nick Moon (University of York) ‘“The Balletting Silke-Weaver”: Thomas Deloney Reconsidered’

15.30 – 16.45 – Theology in Shakespeare  [Chair: Elizabeth Sharrett]
Amy Routledge (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Shakespeare and the Theology of Disrobing’
Daniel Cattell (University of Exeter) ‘Religious Truth and Anti-Polemical Fantasy in Henry VIII’
Andrea Young (University of Liverpool) ‘Augustinian Vision in Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Actor, Audience and the Power of Seeing’
16.50 – 17.50 – Shakespeare in the Modern World  [Chair: Yolana Wassersug]

John Curtis (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Figures of Speech; Shakespeare, Statistics, and Chocolate’

Emily Oliver (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Shakespeare After the Wall: What is Theatre’s Role in a Democratic Society?’

Friday 27 May 2011
The Hall

9.30 – 9.55 – Tea/Coffee (Conservatory)

10.00 – 11.00 – Early Modern Materiality  [Chair: Yolana Wassersug]

Victoria Jackson (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Trenchers and their Use in Early Modern England’

Elizabeth Sharrett (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“Enter… a bed”: Beds and the Death Ritual in Renaissance Drama

11.05 – 12.05 – Plenary:  Matthew Frost (Manchester University Press): ‘Publishing and the PhD’  [Chair: Daisy Garofalo]

12.10 – 13.10 – Renaissance Theatre Practices  [Chair: Eoin Price]

Emily O’Brien (Trinity College, Dublin) ‘“Tush, I have broken five hundred oaths!”: Oaths in Arden of Faversham’

Mats Kamp Jørgensen (University of Aarhus) ‘“Down with your title, boy!”: Metatheatre in Beaumont and Fletcher’s The Knight of the Burning Pestle’

13.15 – 14.00 – Lunch

14.05 – 15.05 – Plenary: Jaq Bessell (The Shakespeare Institute):’ Shakespeare’s Text: Function, Audience and Action’ [Chair: Daisy Garofalo]

15.10 – 15.35 – Tea/Coffee (Conservatory)

15.40 – 16.40 – Shakespeare and Film  [Chair: Letty Garcia]

Darragh Martin (Columbia University) ‘Scarred Survivors: Shakespearean Teenagers on Film’

Katerina Kasapidis (La Trobe University) ‘Re-Imagining Spaces in Julie Taymor’s Titus’

16.45 – 17.45 ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ Theatre Spaces  [Chair: José A. Pérez Díez]

Eoin Price (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘The Origins of the “Private” Playhouses’

Catherine Clifford (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Framing the Court: Space, Boundaries and Public Relations in the Elizabethan Tiltyard’

17.50 – 19.05 Death, Decline, and Loss in Shakespeare’s Tragedies  [Chair: Elizabeth Sharrett]

Anne Kosseff (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“Strange Images of Death”: Horror and the Visual Imagination’

Zhiyan Zhang (University of Exeter) ‘Skulls and Flowers: Aesthetics of Decline in Hamlet and the A Dream of Red Mansions’

Fionnuala O’Neill, (University of Edinburgh) ‘All or Nothing? Tragedy and Loss in Timon of Athens’

21:00 – Fancy Dress Party: “Something Wicked This Way Comes” (The Chapel, No. 1 Shakespeare)
Friday 27 May 2011
The Lounge

10.00 – 11.00 – Shakespeare and Authorship  [Chair: Eoin Price]

Matthew Kubus (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Declaration of Unreasonable Doubt: Against the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition; or, Certain Musings on Fallacious Conspiracy’

Peter Kirwan (The University of Warwick) ‘Splicing Shakespeare: Problems of Adapting in Claiming “New” Shakespeare’

Running concurrently:
Archive Viewing (The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)
15 people limit: sign up on Thursday. Leaving from Institute at 9.55.

12.10 – 13.10 – ‘Words, words, mere words’: Shakespeare and Linguistics  [Chair: Harry Newman]

Susan Sachon (Royal Holloway, University of London) ‘Words…No Object? Shakespeare’s Linguistic Engineering’

Vivian Fu (Peking University) ‘Pragmatic Analysis of Dialogues in Romeo and Juliet’’

14.00 – 15.00 – Running Concurrently:
Archive Viewing (The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)
15 people limit: sign up on Thursday. Leaving from Institute at 13.55.

15.40 – 16.40 – Victorian Theatre Practices  [Chair: José A. Pérez Díez]

Jem Bloomfield (University of Exeter) ‘“She was not conspicuously inadequate”: Victorian Female Performers and Webster’s Duchess of Malfi’

Sophie Duncan (University of Oxford) ‘“Marriage of Orlando and Rosalind”: Madge Kendal and Victorian Shakespeare’

16.45 – 17.45 – Editional Questions  [Chair: Cassie Ash]

Carly Watson (University of Birmingham) ‘“What error leads must err?” Lewis Theobald’s Edition of Shakespeare’

Heidi Craig (University of St Andrews) ‘Reopening the Debate on Quarto 1673 and its Relationship to Davenant’s Macbeth

Saturday 28 May 2011
The Hall

9.25 – 9.40 – Tea/Coffee (Conservatory)

9.45 – 11.00 – Representations of the Body  [Chair: Harry Newman]

Daisy Garofalo (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“Most Wonderful”: Twinship in Shakespeare’s England’

Letty Garcia (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Grossly Writ: Public Representations of Pregnancy in Shakespeare’s Late Plays’

Cathleen McKague (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘“What is more than a fool, an hermaphrodite”: The Androgynous as Grotesque in Ben Jonson’s Volpone’

11.05 – 12.05 – Plenary:  Stanley Wells (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust): ‘Shakespeare, Sex, and Love’  [Chair: Daisy Garofalo]

12.10 – 12.55 – Lunch

13.00 – 14.30 – Plenary:  George Chapman, The Memorable Masque, dir. Jacqueline MacDonald; Panel Discussion: David Lindley (University of Leeds) and Martin White (Bristol University)  [Chair: Catherine Clifford]

14.35 – 14.50 – Break

14.55 – 16.10 – Adapting Shakespeare for Education  [Chair: Emily Oliver]

Rick Kenney (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘Middle School Metaplay: A Young Actor’s Taming of the Shrew’

Chloe Stopa-Hunt ‘“Enough cheek to make fiction out of Shakespeare”: Rebellious Appropriation in Children’s Shakespeare Literature’

Sheryl Cornett (North Carolina State University/Seattle Pacific University) ‘King Lear in a Cornfield’

16.15 – 16.30 – Tea/Coffee (Conservatory)

16.35 – 17.35 – Female Space in Early Modern Drama  [Chair: Letty Garcia]

Nicky Bothoms (Birmingham City University) ‘Sisters are doing it for their men: the significance of female roles in The Merry Wives of Windsor’

Kitamura Sae (King’s College, London) ‘Ophelia as a Female Playgoer in Shakespeare’s London: A New Look at the Scene of the Play within-the-Play with Hamlet’

17.40 – 17.55 – Closing Remarks

18.00 – 19.15 – Drinks Reception (Hall’s Croft)

Saturday 28 May 2011
The Lounge

9.45 – 11.00 – Medieval and Classical Influences on Shakespeare  [Chair: John Curtis]

Darren Royston (Birkbeck College, University of London) ‘Earth Treading Stars in Cosmic Harmony: Astrological Patterns Danced by Shakespeare’s Lovers’

Karoline Baumann (Freie Universität Berlin/Columbia Unviersity) ‘Inscribing the Time in Troilus and Cressida’

Jonathan Day (University of Liverpool) ‘“The Banqueting hall fell in upon the heads of the guests”: Hamlet and Artificial Memory Systems’

14.55 – 16.10 – Intertextual Shakespeare  [Chair: Eoin Price]

Harry Newman (The Shakespeare Institute) ‘The Printer’s Tale: Paternal Likeness in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and the Preliminaries of the First Folio’

Jackie Watson (Birkbeck College, University of London) ‘Reading him “judiciously”: Hamlet and The Tragedy of Hoffman in the Light of Cornelius Tacitus’

Daniel Cadman (Sheffield Hallam University) ‘French Politics and the Aristocratic Household in Love’s Labour’s Lost and Mary Sidney’s Antonius’

16.35 – 17.35 – Repertory Studies  [Chair: José Pérez Díez]

Nicola Boyle (University of Loughborough) ‘The Lady Elizabeth’s Men’s Repertory

Steve Orman (Canterbury Christ Church University) ‘Nathan Field and Collaborative Violence in the King’s Men Plays 1616-1620’

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