Other Conferences

We think it’s important to spread the academic love and attend conferences throughout the year.  Below find links to sites that do a great job collecting conference info – calls for papers, ideas for funding, etc.  We’ll post individual CFPs from time to time, but this will remain a standing resource for other curated and compiled lists.  Make good use, but don’t forget to double-check the information.  And, please, let us know if there are others to add!

UPenn Calls for Papers

  •  An exhaustive list of calls for conferences on a variety of topics, across a variety of disciplines.
  • Maintained by the University of Pennsylvania, Department of English.
  • Regularly updated list of Early Modern conferences, lectures, job postings and funding opportunities.
  • Maintained by Adam Smyth (Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck).
  • CFPs, event/performance info, publication news, etc.
  • Managed by Johann Gregory, Cardiff PhD student and Postgraduate Tutor.
  • Trans-disciplinary conferences, seminars, events and gatherings on topics early modern (defined as Renaissance through French Revolution).
  • Run by the Birkbeck Early Modern Society.
  • Conferences and other Renaissance/Early Modern-related gatherings.
  • Maintained by Jax Roe (MA Renaissance Studies, Birkbeck).
  • Shaksper, The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference posts assorted announcements, including:  CFPs, requests for feedback on papers already written, and job postings.
  • Edited/owned/moderated by Hardy M. Cook (Professor Emeritus, Bowie State).

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