Conference connections **updated**

Some of us here on the BritGrad committee will attend conferences in England and the US in coming weeks. If you’re also attending a conference – listed below or not – let us know in the comments. We’d love to meet you or reconnect with you before June.  (And we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about BritGrad.)

Shakespeare Inside-out: Depth, Surface, Meaning – BSA – February 24-26 – Lancaster University

Saturday, February 25 – Panel 10

Cathleen McKague (Treasurer) presents:  ‘Her arms do lend his neck a sweet embrace: / Incorp’rate then they seem; face grows to face’: Ovid’s tale of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus as a source text for Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis

Sunday, February 26 – Panel 33

Eoin Price (Co-chair) presents: Secrecy, Privacy, and Power in Middleton and Shakespeare

Thea Buckley (sub-committee) presents: Turning Hamlet Inside-out: Barton’s 1980-81 RSC Production 


Writing the Lives of People and Things – March 1-2 – Southampton University

Friday, March 1 – Session 4

Yolana Wassersug (Registrar) presents: The Counterfeit Presentment: Shakespeare and Biographical Portraiture

Shakespeare Association of America – April 5-7 – Boston, MA

Thursday, April 5

Eoin Price is part of the ‘Literature and History/Literature as History’ panel, led by David Scott Kastan (Yale) and Keith Wrightson (Yale).

Jose Perez Diez (sub-committee) is part of the ‘Non-Shakespearean Drama and Performance’ panel, led by Pascale Aebischer (University of Exeter) and Sarah Werner (Folger Shakespeare Library). Jose’s paper is titled ‘An editor’s theatre: The impact of non-professional, experimental, and hypothetic performance on editorial practice.’

Friday, April 6 

Cathleen McKague is part of the ‘Emotion in Shakespeare, Part Two’ panel, led by Cora Fox (Arizona State). Cathleen’s paper is titled ‘Gendered Emotion in Jonson’s Volpone‘.

Saturday, April 7

Yolana Wassersug is part of the ‘Shakespeare and the Power of the Face’ panel, led by James A. Knapp (Loyola U, Chicago). Yolana’s paper is titled ”The counterfeit presentment of two brothers’: What Hamlet Sees in Faces’.